Irish Times 15 September 2015
Abortion: Have you checked your prejudice

Irish Independent 19 August 2015
Abortion: Challenging Conversations 

Irish Farmers Journal 8 August 2015
Country Living Supplement
How can we keep our brains sharp as we age?
Interview by Margaret Hawkins

Irish Medical Times 5 June 2015
Mallow centre to aid dementia research

Obesity Hub 5 June 2015
Mallow centre to aid dementia research

The Corkman 28 May 2015
Mallow centre joins forces with Trinity College on brain research 14 May 2015
Lego Posters are Genius

Tullamore Tribune 7 May 2015
Yes Campaign In Marriage Referendum Launched In Tullamore As Bishop Speaks Out

Eile Magazine 14 April 2015
Great Yes Equality Dublin Bay North Launch

Irish Examiner 2 February 2015
Friendship brings more happiness than money

Irish Examiner 3 January 2015
Fight the ageing process by keeping fit and active

Digital Times 13 November 2014
25 finalists in the GSK App challenge 2014 8th November 2014
Build a Healthier Brain

Irish Times 13 October 2014
Buff up your brain power
Interview with Claire O’Connell

Irish Times 26 September 2014
Remembering TCD graduates who developed WW1 vaccine 26 September 2014
Discover Research – Dublin

Irish Examiner 26 September 2014
Smarten Up

Medical news today 25 September 2014
New online resource encourages everyone to improve brain health 25 September 2014
Online resource encourages everyone to improve brain health

Irish Examiner 29 September 2014
Plastic brain can change and adapt

Irish Examiner 28 September 2014
Older people embrace technology to enhance their lives 24 September 2014
New campaign promotes brain health

CARDI News 24 September 2014
Thinking positive and getting fit will help fight dementia 

Irish Times 23 September 2014
Health Supplement – Feature
Thinking positive and getting fit will help fight dementia

The Mirror 9 September 2014
Characters out for blood

Sunday Times 16 March 2014
This is what I do

The Irish Sun 19 February 2014 (p. 18)
page 18
Dementia Education, 19 February 2014,
Quirky online videos hope to boost brain health and tackle fears about memory loss

Irish Daily Mirror 18 February 2014  (p.15)
Films aimed at fighting dementia

Irish Times 18 February 2014 (p.5)
Want to keep your brain young? Cartoons can help.
Interview by Dick Ahlstrom

The Herald 18 February 2014 (p.26)
Trinity films to tackle stigma of dementia, 18 February 2014
Short films tackle stigma of memory loss, 18 February 2014
Short films tackle dementia stigma

The 18 February 2014
What’s the difference between Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia?

Irish 20 January 2014
Can socially engaging meals help elderly?

Irish Independent 5 December 2013
Retirement group train their brains in 6 weeks

Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland News 3 July 2013
Major research project on family carers to be undertaken 

European Innovation Partnership News 29 November 2012
Healthy ageing communications campaign gets €1m

Silicon Republic 28 November 2012
Healthy ageing communications campaign gets €1m in EU funding

Irish Times 8 December 2008
Leaving soap for science

The Mirror 3 September 2004
Gay sex, rapes, murder, incest. Happy 15th birthday Fair City

The Mirror 13 July 2003
Brosnan’s acting class is Fleadh-bulous

ESB Electric Mail 2003
Onwards and upwards

The Independent 13 April 2003
Rising suicide rates inked to increased alcohol intake

The People 6 April 2003
Shock as first soap suicide hits screens

TV Now 29 March 2003
Death on the Double
TV Now Cover 2003

RTE Guide 22 March 2003
Murder in Mind Tess Halpin Better Watch Out
RTE Guide 2003

The People 23 March 2003
I broke down after Marty Left me for dead: Fair City Star Tells of her gory final scenes in RTE soap

Sunday Mirror 2 March 2003
Blast from the past

TV Now 29 August 2002
Another fine Tess
TV Now March 2003

The Mirror 23 August 2002
Tess says aisle be bully boy Marty’s bride

The Mirror 14 August 2002
Fair Tess to renew her vows

The Mirror 27 June 2002
Sabina: My Fear going into acting

The Sunday Mirror 24 February 2002
I’ve got my eyes on a Fair amount of loving,; city life gets spicier for Soap Star Sabina Brennan

TV Now March 2001
Fair Play
TV Now March 2001

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