Published Letters

Irish Times 12 October 2015
Budget submissions lifelong learning
Lifelong learning and health

Irish Times 13 September 2015
Abortion Law Reform
Have you checked your prejudice?

Irish Independent 19 August 2015
Abortion Law Reform
We need a calm truthful debate about abortion

Irish Times 8 August 2015
Schools and the patronage system
The right to education without indoctrination

Irish Times 18 May 2015
Marriage referendum the final days of the campaign
Marriage equality referendum is, in fact about marriage equality

Irish Times 11 May 2015
Marriage Referendum
Your opinion matters but only your vote counts

Irish Times 24 April 2015
Marriage Referendum
Is ‘balanced’ debate fair to families?

Sunday Business Post 3 May 2015
Marriage Referendum
Framing opinion poll questions
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