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About me

I don’t believe that we are any one thing. What and who we are at any moment in time is complex and context dependent.

While labels are a useful shorthand that help us to navigate the world, all too often they play into people’s prejudices and preconceptions.

Here is a list of labels about me that begin with the letter ‘p’

Psychologist, Parent, Pro-Equality, Pacifist, Producer, Photographer, Perfectionist

I could just as easily select another letter and make a different list of ‘About me’ labels.

So try not to prejudge its just a list of labels beginning with ‘p’

About this blog

An honest blog about things that matter

I write honestly about what matters to me because I’m mouthy and opinionated. But also because I fancy the idea of making a difference. I’m pretty sure that if I am concerned about something then chances are others are too. I like the idea that big changes can come from lots of people doing little things.

I think that conversations can be catalysts for change. So consider my blog a conversation starter with the comments an open invitation for you to join the conversation and the share buttons a way for you to invite others to join the conversation.

Follow my blog so you don’t miss an opportunity to have your say.

Who knows maybe together we can make a difference.